Nail Treatment Review ft. Sally Hansen & Nutra Nail

1) “moisture renewing gel mask mk makes me break out” . . . . Sorry, but I am not into Mary Kay’s skincare products so your best bet is to find something else that’s right for your skin.

2) “can i use bio oil and garnier dark spot correcter together” . . . . NO! Bio Oil isn’t meant to use on your face, and of course the Dark Spot Corrector is meant for the face. Either way no that won’t work out.

3) “i wear beige 404 marykay what color avon” . . . . I don’t like Avon products so IDK.

4) ”where can i buy influance hair care products” . . . . Online, ask your stylist, or find a local Influence salon.

Sally Hansen Thicken Up$7

This formula is suppose to thicken you nails so they don’t tend to cracks and break much. It does work under ONE CONDITION!!! Make sure your nails aren’t in pieces already

The thing is, my nails were breaking already so I went ahead and apllied the thickener on my nails. BAD IDEA!! This treatment is designed to thicken your nails so it creates a film over thin. If your nails are already breaking the film is not even and they will break even more. DO NOT APLLY THIS OVER CRACKING NAILS!! You will regret it! Either wait until the layers of your nails grow and even out, or shave them down and buff them until they are even before appling this.

“Shake gently. Apply 1 to 2 coats of Thicken Up to clear dry bare nails as a clear protective shield. Apply a fresh coat every 3-4 days. Remove all coats after seven days. Wear as a base coat under your favorite Sally Hansen protective nail color to help keep nails strong.”

AVON Smooth Beginnings Base Coat$6.50

I bought this products AGES AGO! It has been so long since I have done my nails that I still have it now. This product is AMAZING!! It is something that I don’t mind ordering from a book because it works so darn well. If your nails are: chipped, broken, and just all bent the heck out of shape. May this treatment save your life.

Apply this before any nail color and wait just a few seconds for it to dry. This base coat smooths out all the ridges in your nail to prevent any cracks appaering through your polish. It does it’s job well, I RECOMMEND YOU!

Nutra Nail Instant Smudge Repair$7

I was looking for something to replace my Avon Smooth Beginnings for when I run out of it in the future and found this instead. I’m telling you this is ESSENTIAL for any of you DIY Nail Freaks out there!

You use this whenever you polish smudges and you get suuuuper frustrated from all the fingerprints on you nail art after you tried to fix it. Even when I am being mega careful I still end up fudging up my nails from time to time. I’m telling you this product has been my lifesaver and fixes all my mishaps (except, of course, if I manage to smudge almost half my polish off (which means I have no other choice but to reapply it XC).

“For small nicks and smudges, gently brush Smudge Repair over wet nail polish until they disappear. • For large nicks and smudges, place a tiny drop of color polish in center of nick. Gently brush Smudge Repair over entire nail until smooth. ”

Sally Hansen Advanced Hard as Nails Strengthening Top Coat$4

It’s everything a top coat needs to be: stregthening, quick-drying, and shiny. I do not use top coats that aren’t thick on my nails because they helps keep my nails polish from chipping so much and makes them glossy.

“A quick-drying, strengthening top coat.The advanced formula provides an extra-hard, high shine finish that seals color and helps prevent chipping and fading.”

I’ll update this when I find new loves!
~ Martyier

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