Mary Kay New to Old Conversion Chart: Eye/Lip Liner & Lip Gloss


1) “ingredients for dr miracle leave conditioner reviews” . . . . Sorry, but the ingredients are not on the bottle, they are not on the website, I CANNOT FIND THEM ANYWHERE!!! That really sucks!

2) “alpha hydroxy acid peel off mask” . . . . Try Dr. Dennis Gross Skin Care @Sephora

3) “revlon colorstay- difference between oily and dry” . . . . Same thing with Mary Kay’s Timewise liquid foundation. Oily is formulated to help mattify oily skin (doesn’t work). Dry is formulated to moisturize dry skin (better suited for dry than oily).

4) “what did mary kay replace sweet raisin lip gloss with?” . . . . Let’s see if I can answer your question here . . . . (It’s Rich Spice)

It’s a bit blurry, but not difficult to read. Here is a link to Mary Kay Lip Color Conversion Chart. (Excluding Lipsticks)

~ Martyier

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